FreeBYU complaint received; BYU refuses to release meeting schedule for NWCCU campus visit


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FreeBYU’s complaint to be presented to NWCCU Evaluation Committee; BYU refuses to release meeting schedule for campus visit

7 April 2015 — In March 2015, FreeBYU sent a formal complaint to The Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU) regarding Brigham Young University’s lack of academic and intellectual freedom. The complaint outlines BYU’s violation of NWCCU Standards 2.A.15, 2.A.19, 2.A.23, 2.A.27, and 2.A.28 for academic accreditation. FreeBYU also sent a compilation of over 230 Third Party Comments (TPCs) from BYU students, alumni, professors, former professors, and members of the community who support the FreeBYU mission to bring religious freedom to all BYU students.

This week, the NWCCU formally acknowledged that it received both the FreeBYU complaint and the 230-plus TPCs. Furthermore, the NWCCU confirmed that the complaint will be provided to the chair of BYU’s Spring 2015 Year Seven Mission Fulfillment and Sustainability Evaluation, which will then be reviewed by the Evaluation Committee.

The NWCCU has promised to send a further update regarding the results of its investigation after the Commission’s June 24-26 meeting.

FreeBYU asked to meet with members of the NWCCU Evaluation Committee during their visit to BYU planned for the 15-17th of April. On April 4th, however, BYU Academic Vice President Brent Webb refused to share the visit schedule, alleging that “meetings with the NWCCU evaluation committee are not open to the public”.


4 thoughts on “FreeBYU complaint received; BYU refuses to release meeting schedule for NWCCU campus visit

  • They just released the meeting schedule in a newsletter, there is a student hour, but here is the complete schedule:

    Accreditation Open Meeting
    BYU is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. An evaluation committee from the Northwest Commission will visit campus next week. The committee will hold open meetings for faculty, staff, and students. You are invited to attend:
    • Faculty: Th, April 16, 10-11a, Varsity Theatre
    • Staff: Th, April 16, 11a-noon, Varsity Theatre
    • Students: W, April 15, 2-3p, 3290 Wilkinson Student Center

  • Ha-not. Open to public? But none of us are “Students” and students would be afraid to meet with the NWCCU on campus. Here is an idea, find an alternative meeting place off-campus, a hotel suit in Provo, a non-LDS friendly facility the Catholic Church in Provo is perfect. The Catholics are big enough with enough lawyers, the LDS Church cannot bully them.
    If you were to try and meet with the NWCCU on BYU campus expect some thug security guy to inform you that “BYU is private property and you are trespassing, you must leave immediately or Campus Police or Provo city police will be called to make an arrest and remove you for trespassing. Avoid direct verbal confrontation on BYU property or the property owner wins every time. Call or email the NWCCU, explain your concerns, and your willingness to meet them at their convenience. No doubt they will work it out to meet the Free BYU students and alum. Can somebody call our friend, the recently ex’ed student & editor over at “Mormon Stories?” I think his name is John Dalin? He deserves an invite to participate. Thanks.

  • Brent Webb – “Meetings with the NWCCU are not open to the public.” Ex-squeeze me? Who is the Ecclesiastical Endorser for VP Webb? Certainly the BYU Honor Code is binding faculty and administration. Both Mr. Webb & Ms Carrie Jenkins appear to have have issues with expressing with truthfulness & candor. Shame Shame shame.

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