FreeBYU Files Accreditation Complaint Against BYU Law

|Press Release|

29 May 2015 — Today, FreeBYU filed a formal complaint with the J. Rueben Clark Law School at Brigham Young University (BYU), alleging that BYU Law violates students’ religious and academic freedom and does not fully document its honor code standards, as required by the American Bar Association (ABA). The complaint outlines how BYU violates ABA Standards 205(a)(b)(c), 308(a)(b), 309(a), 405(b), and 509(a).

FreeBYU alleges that by defining former Mormons as a distinct religious class and precluding their admission and retention, the law program is violating the accreditation standards of the ABA.

FreeBYU also alleges that BYU Law does not clearly articulate the requirements to receive an Ecclesiastical Endorsement, a requirement for good standing and graduation; that Bishop’s standards are undocumented, unregulated, and inconsistent; and that BYU does not provide a sufficient or fair appeals process.

Last, FreeBYU alleges that BYU Law provides insufficient guidance about BYU Law’s boundaries on academic freedom and that BYU Law undermines any existing policy by outsourcing arbitration and enforcement to untrained church leaders.

No response has been received yet from BYU.

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BYU Law Complaint (inc. cover letter) by Brad Levin


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