Mormon Stories Podcast Publishes Episode on Religious Freedom at Church Schools

On November 13th, Mormon Stories Podcast published a group interview between John Dehlin and:

  • Jeff (current BYU student who converted from Mormonism to Islam)
  • Jake (current BYU student who converted from Mormonism to atheism)
  • Caleb Chamberlain (Director, FreeBYU)
  • Ryan (Director, FreeBYU)
  • Brad Carmack (Director, FreeBYU)

In the podcast, all five shared their stories about religious freedom and BYU. Caleb spoke to FreeBYU’s mission, and the five openly discussed the nuances of this important and multifaceted issue.

Check it out!

507: Free BYU — Religious Freedom and Faith Transition at Church Schools

November 13, 2014


freebyuThe Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has long affirmed the importance of religious freedom, even issuing a press release in 2013 declaring that “it is the right to think, express and act upon what you deeply believe, according to the dictates of conscience.”

But a group of current and former students is concerned about implications for students who find themselves transitioning away from belief in the church while still enrolled at a church-owned school. It creates, they argue, an impossible situation where students are seemingly forced to choose between their integrity and the education they have worked and payed for.

In this episode, we’re joined by several members of Free BYU, an organization dedicated to raising awareness of what they consider a lack of religious freedom within the Church Educational System.

We discuss with Free BYU leaders the Honor Code as it relates to religious freedom, ecclesiastical endorsements and how to handle a faith transition while at a church school. We’ll also talk with two current students as they talk about how they are trying to navigate their faith transitions while attending BYU.


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