Hi, my name is Daniel


[Editor’s Note: Name has been changed for the story.]

My Story


I understand that I opted in to BYU by applying and attending. My parents didn’t offer to pay for any other school, and probably wouldn’t’ve. Plus, my friends were all going and I was a sucker for the sociality of it all. The Mormon society passes our youth through the coming-of-age gauntlet in a sneakily oppressive way.

Nobody talks about it, but you can tell when somebody stops wearing those awkward garments. If I were to have stopped, I would have lost my MTC temple-recommend-dependent employment. The honest truth is I was going to leave the church eventually, but BYU would rather not hear the reasonings of its non-believing students.

My scholarly work shied away from my true interests because I didn’t want to rock the boat. My work was never inspiring.