Hi, my name is Darren



[Editors Note: Name has been changed for this story]

My personal faith crisis occurred during my final semester at BYU. I found myself avoiding thinking my doubts because I knew that a loss of faith could cause problems with me finishing school (I was unaware at the time of BYU’s policy). I graduated BYU with a lot of questions and within months had realized that I had no longer believed the church to be true.

In my years since graduating from BYU and realizing my disbelief I have met many people who have run head on into BYU’s one-way-door policy regarding the church and their students.

I don’t dispute BYU’s ability to legally kick a student out of their private institution, but just because it’s legal doesn’t make it ethical. Lets work together to give students the same rights the church asks of the countries they proselyte in around the world. Let’s not force people to choose between lying or starting their education over. A University should be a place for humans to expand, explore, and deepen their understanding of their world; not a place where limits are placed on what can be believed or discussed.