Hi, my name is Elise


[Editor’s Note: Name has been changed for the story.]

My Story


When I attended, there was a part of the honor code that we were required to sign that said in addition to keeping these “rules” ourselves, we promise to report anyone else who is violating the rules. This creates an intimidating environment to live, let alone study. Teachers and students suggesting the LDS church might not be literally true are promptly removed. My “dating/marriage prep” teacher was fired for teaching us that masturbation is common and not a serious sin.

If you speak up about disagreeing with the church’s on any point, you risk being kicked out of the university. There are many examples, but most are related to supporting gay marriage or equal rights in general or simply believing the LDS church doctrine is not based in fact.They then freeze your transcripts so you can’t transfer. The pressure is extreme.

I was openly ridiculed, several times, in class, for taking classes in male dominated fields. I saw roommates and friends get kicked out of the university for getting pregnant outside of wedlock, openly disagree with the political positions of the LDS church, and for being gay. They do this by revoking the church’s approval of the student on a moral basis. The most troubling fact is the university, by its religious requirements and positions on issues is openly sexist, homophobic, and racist (requiring students to take classes that reinforce the toxic doctrine).