Hi, my name is Art

Arthur Adaon Castleton

[Editors Note: Because this BYU student faces dismissal from the University for changing his beliefs, his name has been changed for this story]

I am a BYU student; I don’t drink, smoke, or even swear, but I’m at risk of being expelled because of my beliefs. When I finally told someone about my lack of belief (my younger brother) he said “But you’re more Mormon than most Mormons!”; I have fun great with people of various degrees of religious affiliation and do not try to change their beliefs or develop a toxic environment for religious freedom. I recognize that it is legal for BYU to expel students for their beliefs however I do not think it is moral. I would be fine with paying non-LDS tuition rates, and even back pay for all my past semesters because I didn’t become a successful asset for the LDS church, I just don’t want to lose my university progress or have to set back my future and career by transferring to another school.

If you want to meet other non-religious students at BYU feel free to anonymously email me at byusurvivors@gmail.com (email was made solely to anonymously help others in this situation)