Hi, my name is James


Do you believe that BYU gives full academic freedom to its students and/or faculty, as described in Section 2.A.28 of the NWCCU’s Accreditation Standards? Why or why not?

No.  Attendance at BYU is strictly conditioned on ecclesiastical endorsement with regular church attendance.  Students of no faith or who lose their faith cannot publicly express those doubts without running a real risk of losing their endorsement.  This is equivalent to being expelled, since it means one can no longer enroll into new classes for another semester and finish their degree.

Do you have a personal experience or story concerning academic freedom at BYU? If so, please elaborate here.

I earned my M.S. degree from BYU.  When I applied for entry into a PhD program, my local ecclesiastical authority specifically denied me an endorsement on the grounds that I was “unworthy.”  His justification was simply because I openly expressed my disbelief in the faith claims of the LDS church.  Otherwise, I had met all other requirements of the honor code, such as abstinence from sex and alcohol.