Hi, my name is Muriel

BYU January 2011

I chose to attend graduate school at BYU because I was excited about its rigorous academics, awesome student opportunities, and beautiful campus. Eventually, I became engaged. I was supposed to be going through the temple in the spring when my “crisis of faith” occurred. In the fall, I tried to continue on with my studies at BYU, but I could not in good conscience pretend to profess belief in something I no longer believed in. If I could have been able to freely leave the LDS Church and pay non-LDS tuition, I would have been able to continue. However, since I knew this was against BYU policy, I ended up voluntarily leaving with only a year left of my Masters. This was a hard decision for me –it set me back several years financially and career wise. More importantly, it made it so I couldn’t continue to participate and grow in all the opportunities offered by BYU not because I wasn’t capable, but just because I now had a different belief. I hope that the Free BYU movement will be able to help in the changing of BYU’s Honor Code Policy so that students like me can be free to be intellectually honest during their academic pursuits.