Washington Post, KUTV, SLTrib, Inside Higher Ed, others report on BYU Law Boycott


Scholar who boycotted religious freedom conference at BYU Law

Numerous media outlets reported on a religion scholar’s 5 October withdrawal from BYU Law’s annual religious freedom conference. Examples:

  1. Washington Post: Religion scholar boycotts BYU conference to protest university policy, by Jana Riess
  2. KUTV: BYU “fundamentally violates” religious liberty, professor says after cancelling speech, by
  3. Salt Lake Tribune: Speaker cancels talk at BYU, says school ‘fundamentally violates’ religious freedom, by Annie Knox
  4. Fox 13: Professor cancels speech at BYU, says school limits religious freedom of LDS students, by Caroline Connoly
  5. Inside Higher Ed: Scholar Boycotts Conference at Brigham Young U
  6. ABC 4: Free BYU wants the school to stop expelling students who leave Mormonism, by Adam Forgie and Don Hudson
  7. Santa Barbara Independent: UCSB Professor Cancels Speech at Brigham Young University, by Lena Garcia
  8. SFGate: California professor cancels religious freedom speech at BYU
  9. Episcopal Cafe: Scholar boycotts Religious Freedom Conference held by university denying religious freedom.
  10. For Religious Freedom: BYU Boycott: Do You Support It?, by Lisa Olson
  11. Liberal America: Brigham Young University Accused Of Violating Students’ Religious Freedom, by Robert L. Franklin
  12. The Daily Universe: The Struggle of Faith at BYU
  13. Orange County Register: UCSB professor cancels Brigham Young speech based on school’s treatment of former Mormons
  14. Religion News Service: Religion scholar Mark Juergensmeyer boycotts BYU to protest university policy; cites religious freedom by Jana Riess
  15. Religion Dispatches: WHY I BOYCOTTED A CONFERENCE AT BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY, by Mark Juergensmeyer
  16. Mormon Stories Podcast: Dr. Mark Juergensmeyer’s Boycott of BYU for Religious Discrimination, interview of Mark Juergensmeyer by John Dehlin
  17. Dr. Juergensmeyer’s website: Freedom of Religion at BYU, by Mark Juergensmeyer

The boycotting scholar, Dr. Juergensmeyer, probably put it best:

But then I received the Free BYU email and I knew I could not attend. All my adult life I have been a part of academic communities that have prized freedom of inquiry, intellectual openness and the life of the mind. I have been so grateful that in our society we have this one institution—the university—that preserves a domain for intellectual exchange and the marketplace of ideas. This is especially so in our current media climate that is so dominated by opinion masquerading as fact. More than ever, we need the intellectual freedom of the university.

A university that calls itself a university is a public institution. It is not a Sunday school. Regardless of who sponsors it, the university is a public trust. It provides necessary skills to accredit individuals for jobs in the public arena, and just as important, it provides that social space that I referred to above—the arena for the free expression of ideas—that is important for an educated society and for an individual’s own intellectual growth.

In addition to the media coverage, our petition to restore religious freedom at BYU grew this week by nearly 1,500 to exceed 2,500 total. Our drive to restore religious freedom is gaining momentum!

If our movement resonates with you, please sign our petition, submit your profile of support at freebyu.org/profiles, and email pr@freebyu.org to volunteer.



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