FreeBYU Directors Featured on Faith Transitions

Faith Transitions Ep. 023 — Ryan Bowcutt & Brad Levin

“In the wake of much turmoil at BYU relating to issues surrounding the “honor code” we are pleased to bring you the Faith Transition stories of Ryan Bowcutt and Brad Levin. Ryan is the co-founder of Free BYU and Brad serves as a managing admin for Free BYU.

They both talk to us about how their faith was central to their lives during their youth, proselytizing service missions for the Mormon church, and then experiencing a challenge to their faith while attending BYU – Provo. Experiencing a Faith Transition with attending BYU can mean expulsion. Living through this stress is what motivated Ryan to found Free BYU, but before we get to that point in the story, we cover all of the rest.”


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