National Law Journal, American Bar Association Journal, and Wall Street Journal Report on FreeBYU’s Discrimination Complaint


FreeBYU recently reported: BYU Law Accreditation at Risk as American Bar Association Advances Investigation into Discrimination Complaint. The following also reported on this event:

  1. Wall Street Journal’s Law Blog: ABA Reviewing BYU Law’s Policy of Expelling Ex-Mormon Students
    Mormon church-owned school comes under fire for potentially discriminatory practice
  2. ABA Journal: ABA Section of Legal Ed considers complaint over BYU Law’s policy of expulsion of ex-Mormons
  3. National Law Journal: Inquiry Into BYU Law School’s Expulsion of Ex-Mormons Proceeds
  4. A Thoughtful Faith: Brad Levin: Religious Freedom and Belief at BYU
  5. Fusion: Law student says he was almost expelled for writing in favor of gay marriage
  6. Above the Law: Morning Docket: 04.20.16
  7. ABC4: American Bar Association advances religious discrimination investigation on BYU



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