Religious Freedom Petition Delivered to BYU

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12 Dec 2015 – Yesterday, FreeBYU sent its petition calling for the return of religious freedom to Brigham Young University to school administrators and others who take part in shaping the school’s Honor Code policies.

Since its creation in early June, the petition has garnered over 2,700 signatures and nearly 900 comments from students at BYU as well as alumni, professors, parents, and others who represent all 50 states and 43 countries. Early next week, these materials, comprising 200 pages, will be delivered through Certified Mail to BYU’s president Kevin J. Worthen as well as to its Honor Code Office, its Student Advisory Council, and the LDS Church’s Commissioner of Education, Elder Paul V. Johnson, with the request that he forward the package to the school’s Board of Trustees.

Prior to 1993, BYU students who left the LDS Church were able to remain at the school and pay the higher non-LDS tuition. Since then, however, such students have been subject to expulsion from the university, termination from their campus jobs, and eviction from their housing. This petition calls upon the university to restore the pre-1993 policy.

FreeBYU and its supporters believe that this proposed change is in line with BYU’s ethical obligations to honor its students’ consciences as well as the school’s vigorous efforts to promote religious freedom around the globe through its International Center for Law and Religion Studies.

The petition, found at the link below, will remain open and FreeBYU will continue to encourage those who support its cause of promoting religious freedom at BYU to add their signatures and comments: FreeBYU Petition – Restore Religious Freedom at BYU


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